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Let's Talk About Sex

What happens when sex goes off script? Sexual issues can occur as a result of either an emotional or physical blockage, or in some instances, both. The following sexual issues are more common than you may imagine: Low desire, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, pain or discomfort during sex. These issues can prevent you from experiencing a fulfilling sex life. The aim of Sex Therapy is to clearly identify what the problem is, to establish whether the issue is physical or emotional and to help you move towards a more satisfying and fulfilling sexual relationship.  

Sex Therapy can be completed with individuals or couples.

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How Can Sex Therapy Help YOU?

  • It can provide you with a safe and confidential environment to explore your sexual relationship

  • It can support you with beginning or restarting your sexual relationship​

  • It can help you address any sexual dysfunction or pain 

  • It can allow you to identity any physical or emotional barriers to your sex life

  • It can allow you the space to recognise and appreciate the aspects of your sexual relationship that are working well and to clearly identify areas that you would like to improve​


If you are concerned about your sexual relationship or if you would like to revive or redefine your sex life, seek help today.

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