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Let me give you a helping hand

Are you tired of going around the same old mountain? Do you need a helping hand? Counselling could be the first step in you experiencing the change you desire. 

What is Counselling?

Counselling is a journey that you and I can embark on together. You can choose the destination i.e developing and increasing your self esteem, improving your relationships, processing and coming to terms with your past or improving your mental wellbeing. My role is to be your Satnav and to assist you in navigating your journey.

I will accompany you on your journey towards your chosen destination. I will endeavour to provide you with support through the process, to identify the most suitable and appropriate route, to highlight potential obstacles along the way and inform you of all possible diversions, to ensure we travel at a comfortable speed and reach your chosen destination as quickly and safely as possible.

How Can Counselling Help YOU?

  • It can provide a safe, non judgemental and confidential environment to talk with an experienced and objective person

  • It can offer support and where appropriate guidance

  • It is a place where you can share your thoughts and feelings

  • It can help improve your mental wellbeing

  • It provides an opportunity to explore your past and the impact it may have on your future

  • It can increase your self awareness

What destination do you have in mind? Perhaps you are unsure of exactly where you are headed and have no idea how to even begin to move forward. If this is you, why don't you get in touch today and we can start your journey together.

Areas of Counselling I work with:

  • Bereavement                       

  • Addictions  

  • Relationship problems

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Self esteem

  • Sexual abuse 

  • Abortion

  • Self harm

  • Redundancy

  • Suicidal thoughts

  • Stress 

  • Health problems

  • Affairs

  • Domestic abuse

  • Sexual dysfunction

I am also able to work with other presenting issues that are not included on this list. 

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Let's partner together