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Welcome to New Life Therapy

New Hope New Faith New Life New You  

My name is Sherene Charles and I am the founder of New Life Therapy (NLT). NLT is a small, qualified and experienced team that provide counselling and supervision services. We offer face to face, online and telephone counselling and supervision. All of our services can be booked online.

At NLT we consider the counselling process to be similar to cooking.Preparing a good meal requires taking various steps, which usually include the following: deciding what you would like to make and quantity, ensuring you have the correct ingredients, herbs and spices, preparing some of the ingredients e.g washing,seasoning, peeling,chopping. If you're cooking a variety of dishes and you would like them to be ready at the same time, this requires a certain amount of skill and organisation. Every cook will admit that occasionally the dish/es do not turn out the way you expect or intended. At NLT we are in the business of equipping individuals and couples to thrive in the kitchen called life!

We are passionate about assisting you in navigating expected and unexpected challenges, processing and making sense of your experiences, and supporting you in becoming the best version of yourself.

What You Can Expect?

Laughter can provide great benefits, like medicine but without the side effects. Therefore laughter is a key ingredient in our sessions, along with warmth, challenge, empathy and compassion. We continually aspire to provide a safe and confidential environment that enables clients to risk examining their past, facing their deepest fears and exploring their future. We receive immense satisfaction and fulfilment in supporting people as they courageously take steps towards living their best life yet.

During the initial session we will explain how counselling works. There will be an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have. We will take some basic information from you and will complete an assessment. The assessment enables us to gather important information from you and to establish what your needs are and the best way for us to support you.

We are able to work with the following issues:    




Affairs or infidelity


Anger Management

Bereavement, grief and loss

Depression and low mood


Domestic violence

Health concerns


Relationship problems

Self esteem

Self harm


Sexual abuse

Sexual identity

Sexual dysfunction

Suicidal thoughts



Workplace issues​​

Please be aware this is not an exhaustive list; we are able to work with other presenting issues.

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Tim and Maria

Thank you for all your help.You will never know how much you helped us. But perhaps you don't need to. 


The homework exercises have been very useful. Thank you.

Mr&Mrs James

You made us feel so comfortable. Thank you for your help.

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